The occupation currently needs:

  • Chairs or anything to sit on; cushions
  • Banner making material
  • Cleaning material (sponges&clothes, spray, broom&dustpan,bin bags,…)
  • Toilet paper
  • Posters, ready made banners and anything to brighten up the flat
  • Rubble bags for the ceramic smashed by Guinness Trust
  • Food, beverages, cakes
  • People to put on workshops during the day
  • People!

If you are able to spare any of these things, please drop them off at 82 Elveden House, Brixton SW9 8NN. You can call us on 07835 155117 if you want to double-check before coming down.

Guinness Trust smashes up its own property as it tries to evict Brixton tenants, Sunday 15th February 2015

Thanks to our wonderful plumbers we now have a new loo. (Guinness smashed up the original bathroom when the last residents left.)


13 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Hello, I have just put outside my house the following;
    – 2seater good blue sofa with cushions
    – chest of drawers
    – divan bed
    – mattress

    It is where probert road meets Rattray road


  2. Hi, I have a whole new bathroom sink if you still need one? I’d need someone to come help retrieve it from my loft though – I’m on kellett rd. If you don’t need it I still have some things on your list which I’ll drop round later today. You can call me on 07971455879 x


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