Still Occupying, Still Fighting

Morning all!

Apologies for the lack of updates on here, and hopefully you’ve not tried to call the site phone any time recently (or hopefully you have), as somehow we have managed to misplace it a week or so ago. We still haven’t found it unfortunately..

But we are still here!

And still open for anyone to come down and visit, or to hold their meetings or activities at. We have a couple of groups who hold regular meetings here, but there’s plenty of space for other groups. As we no longer have a site phone please email us at if you would like to come down.

We’re winning the fight – Guinness have rehoused almost all of the ASTs – but there are plenty of reasons to continue occupying this space. We protest the needless destruction of these solid flats to make way for papier mache and glass. We protest the abuse of the term “affordable” and the cleansing of those who can’t afford. We protest the use of guardian companies who allow their guardians less housing rights than tenants. We are a raised fist made from steel and bricks!


Lastly, as you’ll note the previous post was about our court hearing, we have since received our court order to leave the site. We won’t yet of course, and are waiting for our notice from the court as to when our eviction date will be. Please do feel free to come down and help with occupying to ensure we are ready when the time comes.

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