Court Tomorrow – 22 June

photoWe are being taken to court by The Guinness Partnership Limited (Guinness Trust) tomorrow (22 June) for a Possession Order for 82 and 84 Elveden House. We will be in the County Court at Lambeth (Cleaver St, Kennington Road, SE11 4DZ) at 2pm. If you’d like to come, then we’d love the support, but more important than any court judgement is the fight in the streets. A Possession Order is not undertaken by the police, but rather by bailiffs and thus can be can be legally resisted. Resistance can take many forms, from barricading inside the flats, to blockading entrances, to supporting from outside the building. We can all play a role in resisting our oppression, the violence of evictions, and the gentrification of Brixton.

We may not know when the eviction will happen, so watch our twitter.

See you soon, friends!


Picket the Council – More Social Housing for Loughborough Park

Lambeth Housing Activists have called a picket demo for the evening of Tuesday the 16th, when the Lambeth Council meets to discuss the planning of the Loughborough Park Estate, site of the Guinness Occupation.

We will be there to express our opposition to the demolition of perfectly good social housing to make way for (un)affordable new tenancies.

Join us outside the Lambeth Town Hall, SW2 1RW at 6:30pm!

Protest at Lambeth town hall
Let’s see a good crowd down there and have our voices heard!

Free Bike Workshop Courtesy of 56a Infoshop

This Tuesday afternoon the lovely folk from 56a Infoshop in Elephant & Castle are holding a free bike workshop at the occupation! Come on down, get checked up, fixed up, and learn some new skills while you’re here.

We can do anything and everything together – whether it’s fixing bikes or fighting corrupt housing institutions!

The bike workshop will take place on the road just outside the estate from 3pm-7pm and if you can see this banner you should be able to see the workshop!


Community volunteers to be evicted by Brixton Green


The volunteers at community centre at Number 6 Somerleyton Road, just next to our occupation, have been told they have to leave to make way for a money making development.

They have been fighting the corruption of Brixton Green for a while…
We won’t go! Drop by there to find out about their struggle and offer support!

Guinness Employ Security Violence And Destroy Their Own Flats

It’s been a little while since we posted an update on here. Things have been ticking along nicely, many different groups in the local area have been using the occupied space to hold their own meetings, and this has allowed us to forge greater bonds with groups in the same situation as us. Our campaign against the Guinness Trust continues, as well as our efforts to highlight the abuse of Camelot toward their own licensees.

Due to the interest in this campaign, another group occupied another set of flats in the Loughborough Park Estate. Last night security broke into the flats and destroyed the toilet to deter further occupation. SitexOrbis then came to seal up the flat, and occupiers were only given a chance to remove their possessions after pleading for the opportunity.

Until now the security on the estate have been very passive – despite having massive attack dogs on leads – but obviously the Guinness Trust has put pressure on them to start being less so. In addition to last night’s break-in, there have been multiple accounts now of the security attempting to force the doors of the occupation house at 82 Elveden House, as well as using the dogs in confined spaces to threaten the occupiers. Yesterday security tied cable around the front door in an attempt to trap the occupiers inside 82 Elveden – this is false imprisonment and a huge fire hazard. Thankfully an occupier was outside to undo the cable shortly afterwards.

This use of violence will not deter us. We will keep occupying here, working with ASTs to keep pressure on Guinness Trust, and working with Camelot residents to fight Camelot and their horribly parasitic business model.