New Occupation at Guinness

No evictions until all shorthold tenants have been adequately rehoused!

Due to the planned ‘regeneration’ (gentrification) of the Loughborough Park Estate, the Guinness Trust for many years been moving out its long-term tenants and replacing them with short-term tenants. Since these tenants were recently told to leave, a campaign – involving the occupation of a flat and blockades of the building site – has been succeeding in getting many offers of housing in other places. These offers, however, are not all good enough, become secure only after a year-long trial period and force them to pay higher rents.

Ditch Camelot and directly provide rent free licences instead!

The Trust lacks planning permission for the next phase of development. So while many struggle to afford anywhere to live in Brixton, the Trust plans to leave these flats empty. Many empty flats have been smashed up to make them uninhabitable. They are also paying for the security company Camelot to provide “live-in guardians”. Camelot makes huge profits by preying on peoples’ desperation for cheap housing. They rent out flats at slightly less than market rates but without any form of tenancy agreement so are able to impose extremely restrictive rules, enforced with regular unannounced room inspections and the threat of immediate eviction.

COME TO OCCUPATION HOUSE! you can check our Wishlist beforehand 🙂

82 Elveden, SW9 8NN. To get in touch with the occupation: 07835155117

Our e-mail:

                            OPEN MEETING on Wednesday (20th May) 7pm


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