Kids’ Mask-Making

Wednesday afternoon we have Picona from B.A.G.A.G.E. taking her usual after-school workshop at the Guinness Occupation.

This week will be mask-making. The materials will be provided (although feel free to bring extras), so come on down and join us at 82 Elveden House, SW9 8NN. Children and adults welcome!

BLOCKADE This Tuesday Morning!

In recent times we have found the blockades to have been very successful, so we’re back at it again!

Shorthold Tenants, Camelot Renters, Secure Tenants, and Supporters! Let’s show Guinness that we’re still not happy with their conduct – not with their treatment of shorthold tenants , not with their usage of guardian companies and their exploitation of the guardians, not with their use of dog units for security, and not with their regeneration schemes that will price-out even some of the secure tenants!

Join at the entrance to the estate, SW9 8NN, at 8:30am, and bring your voices, your banners, and your stories. Let’s work together and keep the pressure up.

Please share widely, and hope to see you down there!

P.S. There may or may not be a march and an action happening after the blockade, let’s keep them guessing!

Stall and Open House

This Sunday afternoon Occupation House will be open to all residents and their supporters and there will be a stall outside.

The aim to collect information about the situation of different people on the estate, most urgently the ASTs at risk of eviction. Although many ASTs have been offered alternative accommodation elsewhere, these places are mostly too small, too expensive and too far away. ASTs are demanding to be rehoused on Loughborough Park Estate and will accept nothing less.

Please come and talk with others about your situation, your needs and your demands. Let’s plan a strategy so that everyone can stay!



Come one, come all!*  ASTs, property guardians, squatters, supporters, join the open meeting tonight from 7pm onwards.

It is fundamental that all different kinds of cases and circumstances get shared in order to tackle them collectively. It will also be a way to make sure that everyone living in the estate (even in another estate!) is aware of a situation that might be affecting them currently or in a foreseeable future.

*We will not be having any press presence in this meeting, as everyone should feel completely comfortable taking part on it. So, please journalists abstain! and check out our media policy in the tag “Interviews”.

The History of the Guinness Trust, the Loughborough Park Estate, and the First Occupation

As we move forward into the second occupation of the Loughborough Park Estate, it is worth taking a look at this piece on the history of the estate, the dirty dealings of the Guinness Trust, and the events that have led up to this current protest. We meant it when we said we would return if Guinness didn’t adequately respond to the original demands, and we will remain in occupation until they do.

The story:

Some ASTs still have not been made any offers for future accommodation, in spite of the fact that the deadline for removal at the end of the month creeps ever nearer. It’s not good enough and Guinness Trust knows it.

New Occupation at Guinness

No evictions until all shorthold tenants have been adequately rehoused!

Due to the planned ‘regeneration’ (gentrification) of the Loughborough Park Estate, the Guinness Trust for many years been moving out its long-term tenants and replacing them with short-term tenants. Since these tenants were recently told to leave, a campaign – involving the occupation of a flat and blockades of the building site – has been succeeding in getting many offers of housing in other places. These offers, however, are not all good enough, become secure only after a year-long trial period and force them to pay higher rents.

Ditch Camelot and directly provide rent free licences instead!

The Trust lacks planning permission for the next phase of development. So while many struggle to afford anywhere to live in Brixton, the Trust plans to leave these flats empty. Many empty flats have been smashed up to make them uninhabitable. They are also paying for the security company Camelot to provide “live-in guardians”. Camelot makes huge profits by preying on peoples’ desperation for cheap housing. They rent out flats at slightly less than market rates but without any form of tenancy agreement so are able to impose extremely restrictive rules, enforced with regular unannounced room inspections and the threat of immediate eviction.

COME TO OCCUPATION HOUSE! you can check our Wishlist beforehand 🙂

82 Elveden, SW9 8NN. To get in touch with the occupation: 07835155117

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