First victory – now to win the war!

Yesterday afternoon we heard that Guinness Trust had called off the bailiffs that were due to evict a family, including children and a disabled man this morning. This is a really important victory for the campaign!

But we still want the threat of eviction lifted completely from them and all 44 families who have assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) on the Guinness Estate in Brixton. They have all been told they must find their own accommodation and leave by the end of April.

We want every tenant to be transferred onto a secure tenancy so that they can be reassured they will have an affordable home in the local area to move to when the demolition of the blocks begin.

And every tenant is feeling more determined after this victory that they will all refuse to go and resist any attempts to evict them until they get securely rehoused.

This morning we are holding our daily protest at 9am outside the Guinness Housing office on the estate to demand secure tenancies and no evictions. This will be followed by a campaign meeting to decide our next steps. All residents and supporters are welcome.


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